• Fresh Dates helps for easy digestion.
  • Peaceful sleep and free from body tiredness.
  • Fatless Fresh Dates keeps the Heart healthy.
  • It helps to protect body health.

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The farmers who going to give growth for new date palm orchard(only for the farmers who going to purchase tissue culture date plants from us.) kg nursery is also responsible for marketing and customer service.

K.G. Nursery produce high–quality, pest and disease-free plants with practically complete field establishment. Our plants are characterized by uniformity, rapid growth, early fruiting, and high yield potential. These advantages are clearly demonstrated in the plantations of our satisfied customers as a proof of the high quality of the plants and our professional capabilities.

Dates and date palms are and have always been the pride of our Arabian countries. We have equally great pleasure and are proud to be one of the suppliers of high quality "Tissue Cultured" date palm plants. Our specialization is, we imported from ISO 9001:2000 leading tissue culture laboratory with high quality (female) date palm plants which have been propagated (spelling) through the technique of "Tissue Culture" and special variety of male date palm yielding the highest & best quality of dates. Our trading company generate commercial quantities of high quality, genetically uniform plants of the most select and desirable varieties.

Arabian date palms should be the right choice for our Agriculturists growing crops in water scarce areas. they belong to the phoenix family, which are very common in India and particularly in (South India) Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh, karnataka State. These are capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions and erratic rainfall.


  • We visit your land for researching the land and water whether it is suitable for cultivating the new tissue culture plants.
  • After cultivating the tissue culture plants, we will visit your palm orchard 3 to 4 times per annum and research the plants 100% andgive advice for plant growing to the farmers.
  • Then, when the tree becomes to produce the fruits, we help for trading the fruits.
  • We'll give advice to get loan from the bank for cultivating the tissue culture date plants.

First time in India, we are the first date palm orchard to cultivate the tissue culture date plants within 28 months(commercial crop). likewise, the farmers who likes to become a successor to cultivate the tissue culture plants as us, this is a good oppurtunity to share the experience with us.

For more details. Visit our K.G. Date Palm Orchard by getting appointment from us.